OOPs I Did it Again. My Diabetes Is Raging Out Of Control

I went to the doctor this past Wednesday knowing full well what she was going to find wrong with me.I hadn’t been taking care of myself  or even taking my diabetes medication since a little while before my mom died. I haven’t gotten the results back from my A1C test or any of the many other test performed on me but already know one thing for sure my diabetes has gotten out of control again and is probably the reason I’m constantly feeling so bad.blood

The doctor put me back on glyburide and metformin along with a few other meds and told me I needed to start testing my blood glucose levels twice a day again. Walgreens is out of strips so I didn’t do my first glucose test until Thursday evening and it was in the 200s and every subsequent test has still been right around 200 so I definitely need to do something about this.

Last summer after watching How to Cure Diabetes Naturally I honestly thought I had this thing beat but what I didn’t keep in mind at the time was even though when I was following Tree of Life provided in my blood sugar was between 90 and 120 constantly once I started consuming foods that were not raw/vegan then my blood sugar would just go back to the way it was.

So I guess I have two choices (possibly three) I can either keep taking the medicine or I can start eating raw foods again. Hopefully I’m able to figure out some kind of compromise between the two that are probably happen once I get some this excess weight that creep back on higher and higher during my depression spiral.

I’m only putting this out there because I feel that when I put something embarrassing like this into writing then it usually forces me to do something to correct it.

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