When things start looking better watch out it won’t last

If you remember my last blog post you should recall that I was in a rather good mood and felt like I was starting to get my life back on track. What a difference a few days make. I tried coming out my shell and…

The London Riots And How They Were Caused By The Failings Of Society

For the last week people in the United Kingdom have woken up each day to news of more damage, destruction and unprovoked vandalism. What started in London has now spread to Manchester, Salford and a few other cities. Decent working people are horror-stricken at the…

Hypocrites really annoy me

We all know at least one hypocrite. They’ve gotta be the most annoying people in the entire world am I right. They criticize you or tell you that you shouldn’t do something when they do the same exact thing. The thing that really annoys me…

It’s a mad crazy world

Every day this world seems to make me feel more and more discouraged. I just feel trapped like I have something important to offer the world but I’m stuck with no way to get it out there. Somewhere along the line over the years I…

The death of Amy Winehouse should be a wake up call for all

I woke up yesterday morning and was actually shocked to learn of the passing of Amy Winehouse. I’ve never met her or quite honestly even much cared for her music but I did find myself over the years rooting for Amy to beat her demons….

Van got broke into at 24 hour fitness

As you know I’ve been trying to lose some weight so I’ve been going to 24 Hour fitness near metro center here in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been having a bad week, our roof started leaking at home, we didn’t get paid like we were supposed…

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