Peppermint movie review

Peppermint movie review

Jennifer Garner in Peppermint (2018)Peppermint movie starring Jennifer Garner

I had never heard of Jennifer Garner‘s latest movie Peppermint until my wife told me she wanted to watch this action drama. Feeling a little skeptical since we all know most good films get a lot of advertisements I gave in and watched Peppermint with her.

Peppermint is about Riley North who’s husband and daughter were killed five years earlier in a senseless act of gang violence. After a self-imposed exile where presumably she learned to be a badass, Riley returns home. She plans to take on those responsible for her families death and those who let the killers walk.

Jennifer Garner action move sceneNot surprisingly Peppermint is a pretty violent and bloody movie with a lot of plot twists. It had me on the edge of my seat for nearly the 1-hour, and  41 minutes this amazing 2018 flick ran.

There is a lot of violence and profanity which is why it is rated R. I’m serious this movie has a high death toll and is pretty darn violent.  Peppermint is without a doubt the best revenge flick I’ve seen in years. Garner ‘s acting and overall badassness is believable and spot on.  The amount of time she must have taken to prep for the stunts in Peppermint shows as every fight scene is astounding.

While the system may have failed. She won’t!

While Riley North racks a massive body count on her journey to faceoff with the man who ordered the hit, Diego Garcia (Juan Pablo Raba), detectives Carmichael and Beltran along with FBI Agent Lisa Inman are nipping at her heels and are getting closer to finding her. (John Gallagher Jr.John Ortiz, and Annie Ilonzeh)

There are a few plot twists and like I said it’s has a lot of violence so you should watch it when the kids are not around. That being said this is one film from 2018 that deserves to be watched and even watched multiple times.



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