Phoenix Coyotes 2012 Playoffs and Other Thoughts

I’m not much of a hockey fan but I have been watching the Phoenix Coyotes off and on this season and a lot more now that they’re in the playoffs. Currently the Phoenix coyotes have a 2-0  series lead over the Nashville Predators and are just two wins away from the Westernlogocoyotes Conference finals.

I still don’t understand hockey as well as I do other sports such as basketball and football but it does have some exciting elements to it. It’s a shame that more people here in Phoenix don’t go over to Glendale and catch some of these Coyote games because if we did it would go a long way in helping the NHL and the city of Glendale find this team a new owner at last.

I think they should have probably built the new stadium in Scottsdale rather than in Glendale since most of the hockey fans that you find in the area surrounding Phoenix are located in Scottsdale and given the time most Coyote games start that drive all the way over from Scottsdale to Glendale is a major pain in the neck. Also if the team isn’t in Phoenix why not change the name to the Glendale Coyotes or even the Arizona Coyotes?

It would be such a travesty if Arizona loses this hockey team. What would make it even worse is if somehow the Phoenix Coyotes were able to win the 2012 Stanley Cup only to end up hoisting the championship banner in some other city and state. That would be awful! I sure hope this recent success of the team will help in finding a new owner and that owner decides to keep the Coyotes for many years to come.

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