Phoenix man has service dog stolen



 I know my blog and social media accounts don’t reach very many people but I decided that this subject was important enough to invest my time into making a blog post about it.

Reginald Smith of Phoenix, Arizona says he had his service dog Tabitha tied up outside of the Frys Food Store located at 3036 E Thomas Rd in Phoenix while he went into the store to get his prescriptions.

Allegedly, a couple stole his dog from the front of the store. They are described as a full figured Caucasian woman and a man (I know it’s not a great description but it is all we have to go on at the moment). After they took the dog the couple drove away in a white moving or box style truck.

This is a very tragic story made worse by the fact that it was a service dog needed for everyday tasks. Smith said he needed Tabitha since 2015 after he was hit by a drunk and had mobility issues.

If you happen to come across a dog that you think may be Tabitha she has dark spots on her tongue and is able to sit, lay down, shake and play fetch on command.

Tabitha’s owner has set up a GoFundMe page in case he has to purchase a new service dog and for people who think they may have seen Tabitha to leave tips on.

If you took Tabitha are have seen her please help this Valley man out. Dogs are a man’s best friend but losing a service dog is almost like losing a body part.

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