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I’m still recovering from some social media issues and really hard trolling but I have decided to be myself for a cause. I want to show people what it’s really like to have a mental disorder because most people have no idea what it is like.

Mental illness is not cute, fun or something that should be a fad. I blame these misconceptions on Hollywood since they have been on a trend as of late of romanticizing mental illness and even the families who have to put up with a mental illness suffer.

I relaunched my Twitter account @LonnieSmalley  with the purpose of connecting with other people who suffer from mental illnesses (I do still have a somewhat secret personal one I will not share here).

I’ve also relaunched my YouTube channel as I mentioned in an earlier post and plan to post a video update of my life daily so the real side of my bipolar disorder shows.

Over the coming months, I will also be branching out into other areas and attempt to help end the stigma that surrounds mental illness and eliminate the misinformation that surrounds it.

Hopefully, you stick with me through this and help me spread the word. Thanks for reading and to lighten things up a bit I posted a lighthearted YouTube video of the random question of the day.

P.S. Check out Mentally Ill You Tuber Friends Unite! If you are a mental health vlogger, need mental health support or just a friend to those of us who suffer.

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