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There are some things I want to talk about that are too long to post on Twitter and not long enough to deserve their own blog post. Here are the subjects I wanted to talk about this week:

Michael Floyd: Former Arizona Cardinal Michael Floyd who got busted a while back for extreme DUI claimed that kombucha tea caused him to test positive for alcohol. I think he still drinking and the tea defense is bogus. Hopefully, he sorts things out and there aren’t any more issues because of his drinking.

Decided to get a second dog: We will be adding to our family pretty soon because we are getting a second dog. The current plan is to rescue a dog from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control before the end of August. I’m hoping to get a larger dog this time like a Rottweiler, Doberman or a Pit Bull. It kind of depends on what’s available and whether or not they get along with Doodle.

Stupid Hikers: The state of Arizona and the city of Phoenix need to do something to stop idiots from hiking Camelback Mountain and other places when the temperature exceeds 110°. These people go on these trails and have to be rescued because it never dawned on them to bring water with them in this extreme heat. We have a stupid motorist law maybe it’s time that we have a stupid hiker law or even close hiking trails when the weather hits a certain temperature.


Trumpcare: This is something that truly concerns me. Like a lot of people with a mental illness, I am on Medicaid. Luckily, it pays for my bipolar medication which if I paid out-of-pocket would be around $5000 a month. I can’t afford that! In fact, if I were to lose Medicaid which I would under this plan I couldn’t afford private insurance. If I do lose my insurance then I lose my medication which will result in me not being able to hold down a job. Once I can’t work I will get more government aid and back on Medicaid until I am stable again. If I go back to work the process starts over again. I really hope that they make some major changes to Trumpcare and I don’t lose my insurance.


My 39th birthday: I had a lot of fun yesterday celebrating my 39th birthday. The only problem is being this close to 40 years old made me realize I haven’t really done very much with my life so far as far as goals go. I really need to buckle down this year and try to achieve at least one of them before my 40th birthday. I think it would be wise to focus on one of my goals that will reap some type of financial benefit to help better support my family and afford health insurance if Trumpcare becomes law.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading.


1 thought on “Random blips and rants

  1. It’s really stupid that people think that they can get away with hiking in Phoenix, Arizona when the temperatures even above like 105. I was watching on the news the other day and saw that some hikers had to be rescued by the fire department and on their way down this one lady was so ignorant she’s tossed her plastic water bottle on the side of the trail. I agree there should be a stupid hiking law but for people safety they should close the trails at 110 after all they do close the hiking trails for dogs why not humans?

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