Macho Man Randy Savage Dies In Car Accident


RIP Macho Man

I’m a little sad today because one of my childhood heroes Macho Man Randy Savage (Real name Randy Mario Poffo) died today in a car accident after he reportedly had a heart attack while driving. I had the honor of meeting him back in 1998 when he stopped by Gold’s to see my friend Paul who was a good friend of entire Poffo family. I really wish I could have actually gotten to know the man but other than that day I never really had the opportunity to talk to the guy.

I didn’t really talk to the man but I did get his autograph and mentioned how I grew up watching him on TV. He seemed like a great guy and even hung around a bit so that people could get their picture taken with him and get things signed.

It seems weird but it’s like another small piece of my childhood died today and it’s all because a man who I only really knew anything about was from things on a scripted TV show. I really hope he was saved but I’m really not sure about that even. It just shows you no matter how famous or how much money we have when it’s our time we can’t beat death even with a killer elbow drop.

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