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Amazon had a lightning deal on Friday where you could purchase a SADES SA-807 headset for just $14.99. I ordered a green one via Amazon Prime and to my surprise, it arrived the very next day instead of the normal two-day shipping.

I’ve only had it a few days and suck at giving reviews but here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of this headset:

  • Pros:
    It was really cheap.
    These headphones are very comfortable and somewhat comparable to Turtle Beach.
    Doesn’t have a USB plug-in so it is less glitchy than a lot of other headsets.
    Works on my iPad mini 4
    They are noise canceling headphones
  • Cons:
    The biggest con for me at least is the fact that the microphone is too sensitive to work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
    The instructions were not in English.
    For some reason, the mute button doesn’t always work.

 Technical Specifications:

1.Loudhailer diameter:40mm(NdFeB)
2.Frequency range: :20-20.000Hz
3.Sensitivity:113+/-3dB at 1kHz
4.Impedance:32 Ohm at 1khz
5.Max Input power:30mW (maximum)
6.Mic Dimension:6.0*5.0mm
8.Mic Sensitivity:-54dB +/- 3 dB
9.Magnet size:15.5 x 2.0mm
10.Cable length:Approx.2.2m
11.Distortion: smaller than 5% THD

Package included: 

1 x SADES SA-807 Gaming Headset For PS4 and Xbox One
1 x 3.5mm Headphone/Mic Splitter Cable For PC

Overall they were definitely worth the $14.99 that I paid and I would even pay the $19.99 they are currently going for. I’m just not using them on my desktop so they are my designated laptop and tablet headset.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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