Say what? Keurig makes Campbell’s soup!



Campbell's Southwest out chicken broth and noodle soup mix for the keurig

Have you ever thought “I wish my Keurig could make more than just delicious coffees and teas?” Well, now you can! Keurig now offers Campbell’s® Fresh- Brewed Soups® that you can make in your brewer!

These soups or delicious, 70 calories or less and the taste like the soup you normally would expect to eat from a Campbell’s can.

Right now they only offer two varieties but more may be coming in the future. Those varieties are:

Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle Mix: This traditional favorite soup has noodles, carrots, flavorful spices and a perfectly seasoned chicken broth.
The Southwest-inspired soup has noodles, roasted corn, red peppers, and spices like cumin and a hint of chili powder that pair with a perfectly seasoned chicken broth.

I can see these soups being a big hit for Keurig especially among children and seniors who really shouldn’t be working on a stove. My only complaint is the sodium level is a little high, but you do get that with any other non-homemade soup as well. Great job, Keurig! You hit this one out of the ballpark.

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