Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fired via Tweet


Secretary of State fired via Tweet

I can’t say that I’m surprised by today’s political news. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson resigned hours after returning from Africa.

Technically Donald Trump fired him via a tweet. Can you believe the nerve of Donald Trump? Secretary of State is a very high position and firing him via a tweet was disrespectful to the office. A true President would have done this face-to-face. If for some reason Twitter was a necessity he should have used the official POTUS account at the very least.

In politics, they tell you to resign or you’re fired. Somehow they feel it lets both parties save face. Resigned does sound better in the news but if you want to stick it to a corrupt regime fired will get more attention. Americans need to see how shoddy the Trump administration is.

Donald Trump names Mike Pompeo Secretary of State and Gina Haspel head of CIA. Fires Rex Tillerson on twitter

Tillerson was making a great progress with national security and diplomatic relations. He dealt with corrupt politicians and oligarchs with ease. His only issue was he didn’t know how to with the crazy man running America right now. He didn’t put up with nonsense, called things as they are and refused to stroke anyone’s ego. Now he’s out of a job he was good at because he didn’t get along with Pres. Donald Trump.

The list of people who ended up not being able to get along with the President is long and embarrassing.

For those keeping track at home some of the notable people on the Fired/Resigned list are:

  • Former chief economic advisor Gary Cohn
  • Former chief of staff Reince Priebus
  • Former communications directors Hope HicksAnthony Scaramucci and Mike Dubke
  • Former staff secretary Rob Porter
  • Former HHS director Tom Price
  • Former press secretary Sean Spicer
  • Former deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka
  • Former chief strategist Steve Bannon
  • Former FBI director James Comey
  • Former national security advisor Mike Flynn

I remember being against the hiring of Rex Tillerson at first. I felt as the former CEO of Exxon Mobile he would put the best interest of the oil industry over the American people. I now see I was wrong and feel he was doing a very good job. Unfortunately, Trump was still holding a grudge against Tillerson. The bad blood started back when NBC reported in October that Tillerson called Trump a ‘moron’. Recently he has stolen the spotlight from the President too. Especially when it came to how to handle North Korea.

Tillerson’s replacement and what it means for America

Donald Trump named CIA head Mike Pompeo the new Secretary of State. I like this hiring but feel they will but heads pretty soon. I know Pompeo can hold his own against Trump so he will be able to stick around for a while.

Many people think Trump is misogynist and a woman-hater so it was a surprise when he put Gina Haspel in charge of the CIA.  I’m not a fan of Haspel even though it is great to have our very first female director of the CIA. I’m against her being the director of the CIA because she seems to favor off the books black ops. In fact, she ran the CIA’s torture black site in Thailand under the Bush/Cheney administration. If she was willing to do that as an underling imagine what she will do off the books as the new head of the CIA.

Is Russia in charge or is Donald Trump just a bad President?

I hate to say it but it seems Russian President Vladimir Putin may actually be in charge. Less than 24 hours ago Tillerson spoke out against Russia for the nerve gas poisoning in England. Some Washington insiders claim that is the real reason he ended up getting sacked.  Criticize Russia and you get fired is now commonplace under Trump’s administration.

If nothing else Trump has made laughable choices when it comes to cabinet members. It’s been 14 months since Trump took office and he’s now saying close to having the cabinet he always wanted. I guess he needs a cabinet full of ‘yes’ men.

That’s my two cents about the  State Department and President Trump. Have a great day and let me know what you think.

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