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I visited Señor Sushi on 43rd Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona two times so far and I’m not too sure there will be a third. The first time I went there it was because a few of my friends left awesome Facebook reviews on Facebook and the second time was because we got a Groupon certificate.

I decided to go ahead and review this restaurant on my blog because a few people have asked me about it. Let me start off by saying things could’ve changed since my last visit which was on March 21, 2017, but I kind of doubt it.

The food here is amazing and I haven’t seen any other places that really does the Mexican-Sushi concept. You have to have an open mind though to eat here since they have items like Carne Asada roles etc.

The good:

  • Firecracker Jalapenos: These were really delicious and very filling. They are stuffed jalapenos with tuna, crab meat, and cheese. A word of caution though. You may want to let them sit a while because if you try to eat them right away they’re going to burn your mouth like a Hot Pocket.


  • Carne Asada Role: This is probably Señor Sushi’s most famous dish as it should be because it is delicious! It is made up of steak, crab meat, tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, cilantro and fried. It’s well worth the $11.95 that it costs.

The bad:

  • Service: The worst thing about this place is the service. While the food is amazing it can take up to 20 minutes to get a drink refilled even when they’re not crowded. The issue seems to be that every waitress always seems to chat up other employees instead of coming around. This is the reason I’m not sure I will be returning.

  • The alcohol: While margaritas may be cheap on special days and during happy hour they don’t have much alcohol actually in them. When you do order them, keep in mind that you will be drinking mostly margarita mix.
  • It’s a little hard to find: It has a very small sign and is located in a strip mall next to O’Reilly Auto Parts.

I give Señor Sushi 2.5 out of five stars. If the service was better the food would make this an amazing place. I’ve even voiced my opinion on the company’s social media page as well as emailed them about the terrible service and never received a response. I know others who have gone there and claim that they have had similar experiences.

If you have a lot of time (2+ hours) to eat a meal then this place is great as long as you don’t order any spicy food that you need to drink to help dull the burn.

Here is their address and phone number in case you’re interested:

Senor Sushi
4324 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85031
(623) 849-9312


Sun-Thru: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Sun: 11:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Those of you have been here please let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


I got a reply from them after posting my link on Facebook. Here it is.


4 thoughts on “Senor Sushi review

  1. My family eat here a couple weeks ago. The food was not that great and we all ended up with food poison and had go doctor.

  2. NEVER coming back! Food takes FOREVER to be served. Plan on spending 45+ minutes from the time you are seated to the time your food comes. The food is a expensive for a run down place.
    When I went, we got seated and while we were ordering a party of 3 was seated adjacent to us. Long story short, after we got done eating ordering desert, eating it and paying (about an hour and 25 minutes) the waitress when to their table to tell them that what they had ordered was out… I was amazed! Not going back. For sure!

  3. I will start off by saying the food here is good and tasty. Our waitress sat us at a booth where towards the end of our meal, they decide to drop a screen in front of us blocking us in at our booth! There were plenty of other booths and tables open. Why would you do this! Maybe if the food didn’t take so long to come out to us we would have been out of there already. And we never got an apology. Good food, terrible environment

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