Starbucks Witch’s Brew Frappuccino Review

Starbucks Witch’s Brew Frappuccino Review

Witches brew starbucks

Last night my wife and I went to Target and decided to try the new Witch’s Brew Frappuccino the put out for Halloween 2018.  It was so delicious we ended up buying a second one on our way out of the store.

Starbucks wanted to create a fun, and unique juicy beverage people could drink at Halloween parties.

According to Starbucks, it contains a purple blend of “toad’s breath,” orange crème, and a swirl of green “bat warts” (made with chia seeds), and vanilla whipped cream.  I don’t care what is in it because, in my opinion, it is the best beverage Starbucks currently sells.

Special Halloween drinks aren’t new to Starbucks. Last year the put out a drink called the Zombie Frappuccino which I didn’t enjoy. In press releases Starbucks called the drinks ” a “little ghastly,” while the Witch’s Brew is more “fun, vibrant and the life of the party.”

Have you tried it yet? Do you plan on trying it soon? Let me know and don’t forget this Halloween frappuccino is only being offered by Starbucks for a limited time.

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