Stopping sinus problems before they start

Stopping sinus problems before they start

Stopping sinus problems before they start

Stopping sinus problems before they start

We’ve all experienced sinus problems at some point in our life. Many times are sinus pressure, and nasal congestion gets so bad we buy ineffective over-the-counter medication. Even worse sometimes we visit an urgent care center or our doctor’s office for treatment. Modern day treatments for curing or sinus issues can be costly and ineffective. That’s why I suggest trying proven home remedies to keep sinus congestion and pressure away.


I am not a doctor or medical professional and am only sharing what has worked for me. Always seek out professional help when you have a severe injury, trouble breathing, chest pains, an extremely high fever (over 104°).

Sinus causes and prevention

Sinus problems usually pop up when we change our day-to-day schedule. We eat differently and change your sleeping patterns. As a result, we get sinus problems (pain, congestion, or God forbid a full-blown sinus infection.) If you do have sinus problems while traveling especially by air, I feel sorry for you, but I’m here to help.

Your mouth, ears, nose, and throat have a mixture of good and bad bacteria. To keep from having any sinus issues here is my first surefire home remedy. After you brush your teeth open a probiotic capsule and dump the powdery contents into your mouth. Once all of it is in your mouth, you need to swish it around for about 60 seconds in your mouth and then swallow it.

Doing this will keep sinus problems from occurring and allow you to breathe freely without congestion as a result of its beneficial flora. Beneficial flora is also commonly referred to as good bacteria. It is imperative that you don’t drink anything including water after you swallow. This will allow the good bacteria to migrate across your nasal passages and help prevent sinus issues.

A word of caution about probiotics. Not all probiotics are the same or as advertised. So depending on the quality of the one you by you will see different levels of effectiveness. One tip is that if a probiotic needs to be refrigerated do not purchase it. If a probiotic is not shelf-stable, then it’s not strong enough to do any good. The best one I have found is called Bio-Kult Probiotic which is available on Amazon.

The Pollen Sinus Myth

Often times pollen gets blamed for causing our sinus problems but it actually doesn’t cause sinus problems no matter how much you breathe in. While pollen does make you sneeze and even dread the springtime every year, it’s just a seasonal allergy a.k.a. a mild autoimmune issue and not a sinus problem.


This is just one natural home remedy on preventing sinus congestion symptoms and I am sure if you give it a try. You will be sinus free for a long time possibly even sure sinus congestion permanently. Let me know of any other treatments for sinus and nasal congestion you might know about in the comments below.

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