Suns Rising First Phoenix Suns Preseason Game Tonight

It’s time for Planet Orange to rise! Tonight the Phoenix Suns take on the Denver Nuggets in their first NBA preseason game of the 2011- 2012 shortened season. I for one am excited and looking forward to seeing exactly how the current roster works out.

Primarily, the Phoenix Suns are the same team they were last year other than the additions of Shannon Brown and Sebastian Telfair. Many experts have already written the team off and declared them to be lottery bound, personally I think this team is good enough to realistically be expected to be the sixth seed in the West.

Five things to watch:

1)Robin Lopez: Lopez was a disappointment last year but much of that was due to a nagging back injury. Look for him to look a lot better and hopefully much like the player he was a few years ago in the playoffs against the Lakers.

2)Hakim Warrick: We all know that Warrick can dunk a basketball but he needs to start hitting jump shots and step up on the defensive end. Let’s see how he performs on defense after Hollinger rated Warrick as the absolute worst defensive big man in the NBA

3):New Guys: We need to see how the new guys gel with the other players and more importantly how they run the offense when Nash is off the court.

4)The Old Guys: Is this the year that Father Time finally catches up with Grant Hill and Steve Nash?

5)Defense: Reportedly the Phoenix Suns are going to start focusing more on defense and that begins with Marcin Gortat. Will the Suns be able to hold opponents under 100 points per game? Also will they be able to stop being out rebounded every night?

Now not all these questions will be answered tonight but after tonight a few questions about the fate of the Phoenix Suns 2011- 2012 season may be. Just like every year I will root for the Suns to win the title even though my mind says the teams championship window has in all honesty been nailed shut.

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