The mental health stigma and why it’s taboo

It’s time to start talking about the mental health stigma Why don’t we ever talk about mental health here in America unless something bad happens? Every time there’s a mass shooting, school shooting or someone does something really stupid we blame it on mental illness….

Common signs and symptoms of bipolar mania

    Do I have bipolar disorder? Am I just a little bit moody? Those are a few questions people ask themselves when they are beginning to worry about their severe mood swings. Severe mood swings are not normal and could point to a hormone…

What would you like to know about mental health

      A fellow YouTuber who also makes videos about mental health and mental illness related issues reached out about doing a collaboration video. I’m excited to give it a try but was wondering if anyone had a topic they would like for me…

Just because I am bipolar it does not mean I am any less of a person

There is a stigma associated with bipolar and when people hear that I have it they treat me differently and try to distance themselves from me. Bipolar is not contagious and as long as I medicate and use my coping methods I’m not a person…

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