I might need a mental health day

    Calling in “Mentally Ill” to work sounds kinda weird but it shouldn’t be any different than calling in sick when you have the flu. I haven’t taken a mental health day as of yet but it is something I have been thinking about….

Five myths about anxiety

    Today I will be talking about a few common myths about anxiety. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks and some days simple tasks such as shopping or even leaving my home feel impossible. Hopefully, discussing these misconceptions helps some people…

I finally accepted that bipolar is a lifetime disease

  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over a decade ago and always thought that it would magically go away one day. I didn’t want to be a person with a mental illness and definitely didn’t want to have to depend on medication to make…

It’s time to give up on what might have been

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday and was able to spend time with your family. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the entire day with mine even though I had to work from home. Anyways, Christmas is…

Top 5 ways to fight depression

    I’ve been pretty depressed the last few weeks and I finally have found some relief thanks to not giving in to my mental illness. I made a YouTube video that you can watch below going over the top 5 things I discovered about fighting…

Do natural events affect mood disorders?

      I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject of the effects of natural events (solar eclipse, earthquakes, typhoons, and even changes in seasons) and their effects on those of us who have a mental illness. I narrowed it down though…

Things I recently learned about YouTube and monetization

      I’m not a big time YouTuber by any means. My largest channel has about 250 subscribers so I know I’ll never get rich off of making videos. However, this week I was saddened to discover that the channel I have started to…

Mental Health vs Mental Illness

      Mental Health vs Mental Illness two powerful set of words with so much misunderstanding and stigma around them. According to Google: Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples…

Putting myself out there more

      I’m still recovering from some social media issues and really hard trolling but I have decided to be myself for a cause. I want to show people what it’s really like to have a mental disorder because most people have no idea…

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Bipolar

                      We all know having bipolar disorder sucks but unless you’ve lived with this disorder you really won’t understand what this mental illness is like no matter how many Wikipedia posts you read. Depression. Duh!…


  • I have #bipolardisorder, so every day is a #mentalhealth adventure! Usually, I am pretty #weird and do #silly things.

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  • It might sound weird but this is probably a blessing in disguise! Time to start the next chapter in my life adventure! Wish me luck!

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