How planners help my bipolar disorder

      Since starting medication for my bipolar disorder (especially Seroquel) I found it difficult to remember things I had planned on doing or even events others have reminded me about. I constantly would forget what days I had to work, doctor’s appointments and…

Fear of venturing outside

    I know for a fact I’m not the only person suffering from bipolar disorder with a fear of venturing outside of my home. Around 80% of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder also suffer from either generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder. Considering…

Common triggers for bipolar disorder

      I know firsthand bipolar disorder is a debilitating illness which affects all aspects of your life once mania or your depressive state is triggered. Understanding these triggers and how to avoid them are the first steps in successfully in managing your bipolar…

Disappointed to hear Carrie Fisher died with drugs in her system

      All of us have demons we are forced to battle throughout life and Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher was no different. Her main demon was drug abuse and unfortunately, even though she insisted she had been clean for over seven years, at…

What is bipolar disorder

    I seem to talk about mental health a lot on my blog and my go to mental disorder is bipolar. Today I wanted to put up a post explaining what bipolar disorder is along with the symptoms and treatment options for this form…

Working on my blog

        If you have visited my blog in the past you will notice that I’m in the middle of a complete redesign of my website. I’ve changed up the word press theme and am in the process of adding helpful plug-ins to…

I’m getting really sick of being cyber bullied

    The photo above is just one example of the many direct cyber bullying type messages I receive on Twitter several times a day seven days a week. Last week it was not as bad (Only like 7 kill yourself messages) since it was mostly complaints…

Why do I bother with blogging and social media?

      I’m not important and do not really have any original thoughts to share so why do I bother with social media and blogging? This is something that I’ve been wondering for a while now. I feel like by doing these things it’s…

What mental illness has done to me

One day I will be healthy. My mental illnesses will be under control and I will not feel as though they define me as a person rather just be something I have and not who I am. It is really scary being labeled mentally ill….

Just because I am bipolar it does not mean I am any less of a person

There is a stigma associated with bipolar and when people hear that I have it they treat me differently and try to distance themselves from me. Bipolar is not contagious and as long as I medicate and use my coping methods I’m not a person…


  • I have #bipolardisorder, so every day is a #mentalhealth adventure! Usually, I am pretty #weird and do #silly things.

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  • It might sound weird but this is probably a blessing in disguise! Time to start the next chapter in my life adventure! Wish me luck!

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