My annual trip to Yuma Arizona

The 2017-2018 school year here in Arizona has ended and today my family completed our usual routine of dropping our kids off in Yuma, Arizona so they can spend the summer with my mother-in-law. This year my two daughters went with her and will be…

A large fire destroyed my family’s South Phoenix transmission shop

South Phoenix transmission shop Harolds transmissions burned down

Wind-fueled fire destroys Harold’s Sons Transmission shop It saddened me to learn an electrical fire caused my family’s auto repair shop Harold’s Sons Transmissions to burn down on Thursday. Well know in South Phoenix Harold’s Sons Transmission was located at 1539 W. Broadway Rd in…

Phoenix man has service dog stolen

     I know my blog and social media accounts don’t reach very many people but I decided that this subject was important enough to invest my time into making a blog post about it. Reginald Smith of Phoenix, Arizona says he had his service…

Senor Sushi review

    I visited Señor Sushi on 43rd Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona two times so far and I’m not too sure there will be a third. The first time I went there it was because a few of my friends left awesome Facebook reviews on…

Anxiety always makes Father’s Day awkward for me

      Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I hope you have an excellent day and you are free from any family drama. Many of you have great relationships with your dad and easily are able to celebrate Father’s Day with…

Missing my grandma right now

    I thought my grandma was invincible and would never leave us. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the end of 2016 and I find myself thinking about her more and more. She was the constant female role model in my life especially after…

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is coming to Phoenix

Anyone planning on going to see Bernie Sanders? As part of his campaign tour for the Democratic presidential primary, Sanders will be stopping in Phoenix and speak at the downtown Comerica Theater this Saturday evening (7/18). Sanders event comes just one week after an estimated…

Hermit life possibly coming to an end

Today I actually spent some time outside with my wife while we were grilling some ribs, chicken and sausages. It was kinda weird to be outside in the sun after being an indoor hermit for so long. I got to work on my tan and…

The 2015 Phoenix Comicon is here

If there is one thing I know for sure it is that there is one event that guarantees  I will leave my house every year despite all my anxiety issues and that is the Phoenix Comicon. Keisa and I were lucky enough to get free media…


  • I have #bipolardisorder, so every day is a #mentalhealth adventure! Usually, I am pretty #weird and do #silly things.

#Bipolar #funny #dogs #Cutedog #Instadog #depression #disorder #mood #anxiety #mentalillness #Phoenix #Arizona
  • It might sound weird but this is probably a blessing in disguise! Time to start the next chapter in my life adventure! Wish me luck!

#startingover #life #homebuisness #job #phoenix #stressfree #financialfreedom #byefelicia #nomorelies #selflove freedom #free #unappreciated
  • If you are in #phoenix and are having #car trouble call my brother Mike at 602-243-9343. Our #family has owned this #business since 1987 and are fair and honest. Please share!! #autorepair #transmission #fixcars #arizona #southphoenix #share

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