Took a long walk around my neighborhood today

  Getting in shape and trying to lose some weight can really be a difficult endeavor to take on but I've been trying to make it more fun by taking the time to explore my neighborhood and see what exactly lies off the beaten path….

Everyday I’m Shuffling

  Having such an amazing day today I'm smiling and feeling good. Yesterday was horrible but now I'm trying to just slow down and do things for myself that make me happy regardless of what others may think about it. Today I went for a…

A little hard to walk

As the weight-loss journey continues I’m beginning to find it harder to go for walks that I used to. It’s not that my walks are tiring me out or I’m having any physical discomfort from them it’s just that due to the fact that green…

Juice fasting is hard

I know a lot of people who say juice fasting is simple because as you progress your body becomes less and less hungry. While this is true it’s very hard to stay on a juice fast when you’re the only one in your family doing…

Back in the saddle again

Welcome to another edition of the drama I like to call my life. The topic of the day is taking back control of my life and stop blaming others for all the bad things that have happened and things I’ve never accomplished and once and…

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