Tarantula Burgers for you exotic food needs

Tarantula Burgers for you exotic food needs

The most exotic meat during exotic meat month 2018

I’m no Andrew Zimmern but I’ve enjoyed some really bizarre food in my nearly forty years here on earth. Barbecued guinea pig heavenly as the meat was so tender it just fell off the bone. I wake up some days craving stir fried donkey which in my opinion is the best dish you could ever make using a wok. Don’t get me started about divine sea urchin with pork fat on a buttered role is because I might be tempted to hop on a plain to go get some.

That’s why unlike most of the internet I wasn’t grossed out when Bull City Burger and Brewery announced The Tarantula Burger as their exotic meat of the month. I live by a don’t knock it until you try it attitude with food and I definitely want to give the Tarantula challenge a try. The burger is unique and even if I don’t like the burger it would be a great conversation starter plus if I clear my plate I get a free T-shirt. Who doesn’t like a free shirt?

More information about the Tarantula Burger

Bull City Burger and Brewery, a Durham-based restaurant, is offering the menu item as part of its sixth annual Exotic Meat Month promotion by serving burgers made from meats eaten around the globe each March and April, according to WRAL.

The burgers offered on the menu during the promotion include alligator, iguana, python, bison, turtle and bugs but this is only the second year that Bull City Burger has offered the tarantula challenge. Brave customers who clean their plates get a tarantula challenge T-shirt — and bragging rights.

According to the restaurant, the tarantula burger is $30 and is a 100 percent North Carolina pasture-raised beef burger with Gruyere cheese, oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce served on a fresh-house baked bun with a side of dirty fries.

I really wish I had the means to make it to North Carolina to give it a go. If nothing else it would make for an interesting YouTube video and I’m sure at least the fries and drink won’t go to waste. For now I just have to hope someone brings this exotic treat to Arizona for me to try.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to try the Tarantula burger?

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3 Replies to “Tarantula Burgers for you exotic food needs”

  1. I always thought Tarantula meat was really rare and there was a lottery to get it. I don’t think I would eat it because the thought of hairy legs in my mouth freaks me out!

  2. Nope!!! i”ll try anything once within reason, but, no thanks. Could be because have had a few as pets. Not!!!! That’s just down right discussing.

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