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As you know I have decided to start using this blog more often and I decided maybe I should make it to where I can work on it when I’m out of the house. So today I am creating this blog post using Ginger, Dragon NaturallySpeaking mobile app and the WordPress for iOS app on my iPad Mini 4.

The first thing I did notice is there is a little lag running these apps, it’s possible because I have them all open at the same time. It’s going to take a little getting used to because when editing I do accidentally delete some words I don’ mean to but I think this may help my blogging since whenever an idea comes around I can just push it out of my head and schedule post. It should be therapeutic as well since I have so many racing thoughts in my head.

The most difficult thing is using the WordPress app for posting photos. On an iPad, it’s a little difficult to edit photos to make them the right size so I may need to hunt down a photo editing app that can make this job easier. Also as you can see the text is blurry on the photo.

The biggest pro is all of these apps are free in the App Store so if I decide I don’t like it all that I’m out of is the time I spent using the apps. While I don’t want to do all of my blogging from my iPad these apps should make blogging on the go pretty simple. So far I highly recommend these apps for other people who blog via WordPress as a hobby since there’s no commitment and they are pretty easy to use. However, they might not work too well if you are a professional blogger looking to monetize your blog since not all the same options are available on the WordPress iOS app.

Let me know what you think of this test post and whether or not I should continue posting this way when I’m out of my house. Have a great day everyone!

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