Thank God the Royal Wedding is over

I didn’t even watch it and really have no idea what all the fuss was about but am I the only person whose happy that all this royal wedding stuff is almost at an end? I mean we’ve seen months of intensive hat speculation, people hawking commemorative plates, cake experts weighing in on what they think the flavor will be and I actually felt at one point if I heard one more person use the word “fairy-tale,” I’d hit them on the head with my remote. I know we still have a few more days of coverage because they havent went on a honeymoon yet so we will see things like “William and Kate’s Honeymoon Suite: What color are the sheets?” and “What did William and Kate eat for their first breakfast together?” before we are at last free from this whole royally over-reported nonsense.

It might just be that I’m an American man but I have absolutely no idea what kind of people would actually wake up at 4 a.m. to watch some spoiled rich guy and the girl he likes get married. I mean it’s not like they will ever meet them anyway. Based on what I did see because the event was unavoidable a bunch of people in fancy ugly clothes and hats showed up and watched a drawn out wedding ceramony where the bride pretended to be Cinderella. I guess that’s about righ. I just hope that Prince Harry waits along time before announcing his engagement or better yet elopes.

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