Thank you James Shaw Jr. for saving lives at the Waffle House

Thank you James Shaw Jr. for saving lives at the Waffle House

I’m not a hero. I’m just a regular person,” said James Shaw Jr. the man who saved countless lives on Sunday. If you missed it Shaw is the man who disarmed the shooter at a Nashville, Tennessee Waffle House. Shaw said his actions were for selfish reasons acting only to save himself but I still believe he’s a hero. He’s a hero because he saved a lot of lives regardless of his reasons and I’m awestruck by how humble he is being about it.

Being able to take action when lives are on the line is not something everyone can do. Some people react while others wait for someone else to do something. If put in that situation I wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt what Shaw did unless my family was there. I never want to end up in a situation where I find out if I would take action or not.

When the gunman needed to reload Shaw said he told himself:

When he came in, I distinctively remember thinking that he is going to have to work for this kill,” he said. “I had a chance to stop him and thankfully I stopped him.

Shaw got the opportunity to act and did so wrestling the assault rifle from the semi-naked gunman. If he hadn’t we would be reading about more than four people being killed and four others getting injured by Travis Reinking. While Shaw regrets he didn’t take action sooner and prevent the loss of life at the restaurant he should know the deaths or that of a crazy man with the gun and not his own.

I hope Waffle House decides to embrace their hero and gives Mr. Shaw free food for life. If not, they should at the very least hang his photo in every Waffle House in the United States.

While I shouldn’t have been surprised I’m in awe that James Shaw Jr. took the time to start a GoFundMe account to assist victims of the shooting and it has already surpassed the $15,000 goal that was set. If you are able I encourage you to donate and share the account information.

While I don’t really want to bring attention to the villain in the story I feel I need to since he is still at large.

The Nashville Police Department identified 29-year-old Travis Reinking from Illinois as the Waffle House gunman. Reinking was last spotted near Discovery near Mountain View Apartments, 5000 Mountain Springs Dr, Antioch TN 37013, wearing black pants and no shirt. The motive for the shooting is still unknown and police officials have urged anyone who spots him to stay inside and call 615-862-8600. Reinking has a propensity for guns and should be considered armed and dangerous. Hopefully, he is brought to justice soon.

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