That’s not my momma

Today was the viewing for my mom at the funeral home and as I walked up to the casket and looked in all I could think was “That’s not my momma”.

Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t a mixup at the funeral home with the bodies, it was my mothers body, just not my mom. Her body may be dead but she lives on in each and everyone of the people who were in her life. Our memories of her and the lessons she taught us will remain teaching and molding future generations.

That body was just a spaceship that allowed her soul to be here on earth, eventually because of the cancer that ship broke down and a heavenly version of AAA gave her a ride home leaving us the broken down ship. I will not remember my mom this way! I will just remember her for the woman she was and still is inside my heart. I’ll always have my memories and that’s what I will use to remember her.

I love you Mom and I’m going to just get this out one last time. I love you Mom and I’m going to miss you. It is a comforting to know I will have a part of you always inside of me but I’m still going to miss the fact that we’re not going to have any new experiences together. I know your pain free and having fun so that makes me happy.

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