The Better Business Bureau revokes MyPillow’s accreditation

The Better Business Bureau revokes MyPillow’s accreditation




Despite the price I honestly had been considering purchasing a MyPillow because the claims they made during the TV infomercials made it seem as though this pillow really would help me get a peaceful night’s sleep.

I did a quick online search and saw that there were lots of complaints about this as seen on TV product. I also noticed there’s an article stating that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has revoked the accreditation of the MyPillow and lowered its consumer rating down to an F based on the extreme amount of complaints they received about the product and how the company responds.

In a statement, the Better Business Bureau said they made the decision after reviewing MyPilow’s buy one get one free offer which the BBB considers a violation of its code of advertising.

“Among other issues, BBB has attempted to persuade MyPillow to discontinue their “buy one get one free” (BOGO)/other discount offers without success,” said Dana Badgerow, president and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. “Continuous BOGO offers, which can then be construed as an item’s regular, everyday price, violate not only BBB’s Code of Advertising – which all BBB Accredited Businesses agree to abide by – but also other state and national organizations’ rules.”

The Better Business Bureau’s code of advertising requires that any offer made must be extended for a limited time because if it’s advertised continuously it is considered the normal price of the item and not the sale price or in MyPillow’s case not really a free item.

Mike Lindell, the owner, and CEO of MyPillow responded to the allegations stating at this time he would not be able to stop the buy one get one free offer but would look into changing it later this year. When questions about what type of changes his company would be making to satisfy its customer base, Lindell was non-specific.

The MyPillow buy one get one free complaint was not the only issue or complaint the BBB brought to Lindell’s companies attention.

“As Seen on TV” claims are sometimes listed on MyPillow boxes where the content is NOT the same as seen on the company’s TV ads. The company has made an effort to remove this, but it can still be seen on third party seller packaging (Walmart, Target, etc.)

Photos of MyPillow on some boxes show the premium, gusseted pillow, when the box actually holds their standard pillow. The company has made an effort to correct this, but it can still be seen on some third party seller packaging.
Claims of offering a “full warranty” when the warranty was not full (customers need to pay a fee to return the pillow).

A pattern of complaints filed against MyPillow has been identified by BBB regarding customers’ understanding of the buy one/get one free offer. A substantial number of the 232 complaints filed against the company regard confusion on the offer.

The Better Business Bureau says they remain hopeful that MyPillow would modify their advertisements and correct their deceptive marketing soon.

The F rating isn’t the first bit of bad news for the MyPillow company as of late. Back in November, legal action was taken against the company in California claiming it participated in deceptive and illegal advertising. MyPillow agreed to pay a penalty of $1 million in that case. MyPillow adjusted their website claims a little bit as it previously stated that the pillow can cure snoring, migraines, fibromyalgia and other health issues but none of these claims could be backed up by a medical professional.

I’m considering just using the money I would’ve paid for this as seen on TV pillow and get myself a quality pillow or two from Bed Bath and Beyond because after all there’s probably no such thing as a miracle pillow.

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