The death of Amy Winehouse should be a wake up call for all

I woke up yesterday morning and was actually shocked to learn of the passing of Amy Winehouse. I’ve never met her or quite honestly even much cared for her music but I did find myself over the years rooting for Amy to beat her demons. Unfortunately it appears that Amy’s demons may have beat her and because of that the world lost an amazing individual.

Most news outlets before and now after only seem to want to focus on the problems in Amy’s life instead of all the good things. She was a woman with an amazing talent who should be remembered for what she gave to us and not for the disease that she happened to have. You see what the people in the media did was tear this young woman down everyday and show her faults to the world. I couldn’t imagine living under that kind of pressure because no matter who you are these trash journalists will print anything to sell papers or get website hits regardless if it’s true or not. It’s pathetic that people have to tear down people who have a gift just so they can feel a little better about themselves.

I’ve suffered from addiction not to drugs or alcohol but I can imagine how tough Amy’s life must have been. Now when you factor in living with the disease of addiction and being famous this poor woman almost didn’t have a chance. In my opinion Amy’s death wasn’t in vain because it caused some people to realize that they have a problem and get help. In death Amy also brought to light that addiction isn’t a choice it’s a disease. The best option always is to never start anything that can be destructive because of the addictive possibility but if you do find yourself an addict please find help. Every day thousands of addicts die it’s just not covered like Amy’s death. Life is short and please do whatever it takes to make yours last as long as possible.

Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse. I sincerely hope in death you are able to find that peace you were never able to have in life. You blessed us with 27 years of life and because of you I’m sure some people will be able to slay that demon you struggled with so desperately. I do feel that the choir in heaven got a lot better by gaining someone with your gift for music. Goodbye Amy….

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