The mental health stigma and why it’s taboo

The mental health stigma and why it’s taboo

It’s time to start talking about the mental health stigma

Why don’t we ever talk about mental health here in America unless something bad happens? Every time there’s a mass shooting, school shooting or someone does something really stupid we blame it on mental illness. Because of this, there is a giant mental health stigma which causes people to keep their diagnosis to themselves.

In my opinion, not being open about mental illness and making it taboo only further perpetuates the stigma. If you’ve read my blog at all you know that I’m fairly open about my bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and generalized anxiety disorder. I talk regularly on social media about it and stigma surrounding mental illness, make YouTube videos about it, and as I said I post about my mental issues here on my blog. There have been times where being open has come back to bite me with people who are ignorant and hold it against me. However, there have been for more people who have opened up to me and even thanked me for sharing my story because it has helped them a lot.

Stop the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health because they are a diseaseBipolar disorder and any other mental illness is like being stuck on a lifelong roller coaster. It has ups and downs that will leave you feeling sick from time to time. Those who are not along for the ride won’t understand so we need to educate them about it to stop the stigma. If we continue on in silence the uninformed will never learn and they will continue to judge us. Also, this judgment probably will leave us feeling worthless and in all likelihood keep the insane amount of mental health illness suicides at a very high number.

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Having a mental illness is no different than having a disease like cancer or mesothelioma. You didn’t ask to get a mental illness and it is a lifelong disease yet mental health issues are surrounded by an unhealthy stigma. Unfortunately, there is still a giant stigma surrounding mental health and because the negative stories in the media surrounding mental health issues get good ratings it’s going to take a very long time to change. Moving forward my goal is to try to educate at least one person a day about mental illness and the fact that most of us with a mental health issue are actually good and harmless people.

P. S. Because I do you have so many health issues people ask what medication I take. Here is my current list not counting my diabetes medication:
ZolpidemLamotrigineVyvanse, Duloxetine, Bupropion XLQuetiapine, and Alprazolam.

I go to Walgreens to get my prescription filled because they give me the healthy rewards points that I can buy things with and they also happen to have the lowest prices in my area.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you can help spread the word to end the stigma surrounding mental health.


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