Too much going on right now. 

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment and I’m not sure I can take it.

On Saturday my dad had a heart attack and they had to use a difibulater on him multiple times. He has a big bruise on his head and is hooked to machines in the ICU, I’m told he has answered to the command asking him to wiggle his toes but the doctor says the outlook is still pretty grim.

On top of all that yesterday my son got beat up on his way home from school by two boys in his grade. He also said they have been bullying him the entire school year. I am going to make sure this store even if he has to switch schools. He will be talking to the school today so they can stop the bullying but for now the plan is not to let him walk to or from school alone.

I’m also still sick and stressed out. Pretty sure I have a doctor trip and maybe even a trip to UPC in my near future. I’m trying to hold it together but at the same time I can feel a breakdown coming.

Please send positive vibes and prayers (If you believe in them) our way so we can make it through this difficult time.

Sorry for any typos as I am writing this on my iPad as I wait for my daughter to wrap up her doctor appointment.

1 thought on “Too much going on right now. 

  1. I’ve been there. It wasn’t precisely the same, but similar magnitude issues with Dad, my own health, and kid trouble. It sucked. I felt like a failure both as a father and a son. I don’t have any magic advice other than hang in there. It did pass. Fathers do eventually die, and kids grow up to the point where we can’t help them as much as we want to. In the meantime, do what you can and try to be satisfied that you’ve done your best. Breaking down is OK, but remember to get back up again after.

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