Trayvon Martin Was a Victim of Racial Stereotyping

trayvon-martin-fe41d10a91ac97eeBy now you’ve probably heard the story of the tragic murder of young Trayvon Martin and I felt that enough time is past for me to gather up some information and talk about this tragedy a little on my blog.

In my opinion Trayvon Martin was murdered because of the unjust stereotype of young African-American men being perceived as serious threats to the security of White Americans. You notice I said MURDERED.  There is no other explanation for it after listening to George Zimmerman’s 911 call and logically looking at the evidence we’ve been presented with using an open mind.

I wasn’t around then but I honestly can’t see a connection between the murder of Trayvon Martin and out of Emmett Till. Both were well-liked teenager’s whose deaths sparked protests and demonstrations across the United States. There’s been talk of  “A Million Hoodies for Trayvon Martin.” and people on social networks have even joined in on the movement changing their profile photos to themselves in hooded sweatshirts using slogans such as “We are all Trayvon” and “Hoodies Don’t Kill, People with Guns Do.”

This is all very positive but something more direct must be done in order for any of it to matter. Just look at the Kony 2012 phenomenon that started off with a bang and quickly fizzled out because all I had was online support. Soon people are going to move on and push this aside even though they shouldn’t. You see there is a deeper issue here than the tragic death of a young man there is clearly a racial bias still going on today with how members of law enforcement handle crimes not to mention how issues like this are presented in the media.

If you don’t believe me but go ahead and reverse a situation and pretend it was a African-American man who shot and killed a young middle to upper class white high school student. He probably would still be in jail charged with murder and even be facing the death penalty.

Now I’m not saying everyone out there is racist. I’m just saying society has for the last hundred or so years given us a foundation based on racial stereotypes and for us to make sure this tragedy is avoidable in the future we must find a way to reprogram people’s thought process. It isn’t an easy and I have no real solution but acknowledging the fact that at least in some way racial stereotyping is to blame in this young boys murder is a start into finding a way to avoid such tragedies in the future.

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