Trump is texting you even if you don’t want him to

Trump is texting you even if you don’t want him to

THIS IS A TEST: Cellphones Across the U.S. Will Get a ‘Presidential Alert’

This is not a test! Actually, it is a test of the Presidential Text Alert system. Whether you love him or hate him will be receiving a text from Donald Trump at 2:18 PM ET today October 3, 2018.

There is no way to opt out from receiving this alert which if all goes as planned every cell phone user in the United States will receive a text stating “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” That’s the plan at least. We all remember how the accidentally sent incoming missile text went in Hawaii. Hopefully, this emergency alert will go as planned and not causing a nationwide panic.

Don’t worry though, President Trump isn’t moving from Twitter anytime soon and forcing you to receive text messages of his many spontaneous and often frowned upon Twitter posts. FEMA happens to be the ones behind The Presidential Text Alert System and other than occasional testing it is only intended to be used as part of a doomsday protocol. The text system is planned to be the government’s way of letting people no matter where they are located in the case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The text system would ensure people have time to evacuate an affected area. Of course, it’s not meant for your average Joe it’s more to ensure key officials can make it to bunkers and command posts after a major catastrophe.

This is the fourth test of the system and the first time it will be completed via text message. Officials say the use of a text alert would be the fastest method to alert the public now that nearly everyone has a cell phone. In the past, these alerts have included everything from TV alerts, special radio stations and at one point even pink balloons.

In the event of a nuclear strike, Americans will have 8 to 12 minutes to seek shelter which isn’t very comforting. Hopefully, the orange man in the White House can keep his hands off of the warning systems and any other electronic devices he may be near. Most importantly any big red buttons.

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