Trying to figure out YouTube




Now that I started carrying my iPad with me everywhere I go I thought I’d try my hand at making YouTube videos. I mean a lot of people don’t read anymore so maybe I can connect with them via YouTube.

I don’t know much about making videos but I’ve had a channel for a while where I talk about mostly mental health issues and my family. Looking through my current videos I realized I need to figure out how to edit them to make them watchable. I also probably need to plan them in advance so I’m not rambling on like I do here sometimes.

I’ve downloaded a few video editing apps for my iPad and also got one for my computer. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Here is a video that I made today prior to making that decision to give YouTube a shot. I only made this because I was bored in the parking lot waiting for my wife to finish in the store.Check it out:



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