Unexpected weight loss



It has been about two months since the last time I visited the physician assistant in order to get my psych meds. I was a little shocked when I stepped on the scale and found out that in two months time weightloss wtfI had dropped 25 pounds! I’ve been eating a lot more because of the stress the last two months yet I had this weight loss.

In other news, I found out today that I might have A.D.D and the doctor put me on 20 mg of Adderall twice a day to help. I really hope it does help because I’ve been having trouble focusing on anything especially my work. Unfortunately, Walgreens pharmacy was out of stock on the Adderall and could not even give me a partial prescription because they said it was a controlled substance. So I guess I have to wait until they get their delivery on Monday morning.

Other than that I think my medication is fine. I was going to ask for 10 extra Xanax a month but I discovered that I am still on the bottle from two months ago and have yet to touch last month’s bottle so I guess I’m doing really good in the anxiety department.

Another change that I am making as far as medication goes is that I’m dropping Risperidone from my medication regime which makes me happy because it’s one less pill to take a day and I was starting to fill that the area where I keep my medication was turning into a miniature pharmacy.

I’ll probably block soon about how I’m doing on the Adderall and might even make a YouTube video about it so stay tuned.

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