US Postal Service issues planetary stamps

Photo: USPS / NASA




Photo: USPS / NASA
Photo: USPS / NASA

The solar system is being honored with new Forever Stamps so that you can use stunning images of the planets to pay your bills or whatever else you’d use a postage stamp for these days. New “Pluto Explored” postage stamps including Pluto and the New Horizons spacecraft that explored it will likewise go up for sale this summer.

A “Pluto: Not Yet Explored” stamp was on the New Horizons craft, issued in 1991, adding additional significance to the freshly issued stamps. NASA is really specific about their verbiage in the announcement of the new stamps, separating Pluto from the “Views of our Planets” series specifically.

This continues a long history of cooperation between NASA and the United States Postal Service for American postage stamps, which in the past have included Nebulae, other space exploration craft like Pioneer 10, Messenger, and others, as well as individuals and teams of astronauts. All of these newly issued postage stamps, available now, are Forever stamps, so Pluto will never be devalued again at least in stamp form.

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