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I’ve been attempting to run a few different blogs WordPress and thought since I have severe arthritis Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 professional would help me do a better job posting content regularly. Today I will be discussing the pros and cons of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for blogging and I hope it helps others decide whether or not it’s the right fit for them.


  1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking does allow you to get your thoughts out of your head and onto the computer rather quickly since you can speak faster than you can type. I can only type around 35 to 40 words per minute due to my arthritis but with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m able to dictate around 160 words per minute.
  2. I don’t have an issue with spelling errors any longer since I started using text-to-speech software. I do however have instances where Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictates a word incorrectly making me look like an idiot if I don’t proofread my blog prior to posting. I do have approximately a 97% accuracy rate with this program and with the addition of the Grammarly plug-in for Google Chrome,  I tend to catch most of the errors prior to posting.
  3. Dragon NaturallySpeaking also offers a dictation app for my iPad mini4 which helps a lot whenever I use the IOS WordPress app to create a new blog post.
  4. I find posting to social media and scheduling a future promotional post for my blog a lot easier since I can just dictate the text I want to share via Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Because I’m somewhat lazy when it comes to social media banging out if you promotional posts on Hootlet prior to using text-to-speech was something I avoided at all costs. Now that it only takes a few minutes to post something to Twitter I find myself doing it a lot more and it’s helped with my website traffic.


  1. This software’s biggest con is probably the fact that you have to make a monetary investment in it. It would be great if Dragon NaturallySpeaking was free to download but if you want it is going to set you back about 100 bucks.
  2. Personally, I found that Dragon NaturallySpeaking requires a lot of training before it starts to really understand you accurately. Others, however, have been successful using this software straight out of the box but they don’t have speech impediments like I do.
  3. If you did use this software for blogging your definitely going to want to proofread your articles because some of the recognition errors can be embarrassing if you were to post them. I’ve had times where I said “That’s not what we like to hear” and Dragon NaturallySpeaking wrote, “You’re sorry I need a beer.” If I posted that it would have been quite embarrassing.
  4. If you wanted to work well you’re going to have to buy a really good headset. While some versions of the software to come with a headset it’s cheaply made and will have issues understanding you. I would suggest if you’re going to already invest the hundred or so dollars you need to purchase Dragon NaturallySpeaking go ahead and invest in a high dollar headset as well.


I have found Dragon NaturallySpeaking has helped me blog more often and decrease the pain I feel when using a computer. However, even having a text-to-speech software doesn’t help bloggers if they can’t find a topic to write about or the motivation to actually spend the time creating a post.

I give Dragon NaturallySpeaking four out of five stars. In the future, if they were to figure out a way to increase the accuracy of the software it definitely would receive a five from me.

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