We Dumped Cox and got DirecTV Now

We Dumped Cox and got DirecTV Now




So in our never-ending quest to save money Keisa and I dropped our cable services with Cox cable and switch to DirecTV Now. We still have the internet service from Cox but by dropping the television service it’s going to save us about 40 bucks a month.

We actually seem to get more channels with DirecTV Now and are also getting an Amazon Fire Stick for free so that we can stream the television shows on our TV. Right now I’m having an issue though of playing anything other than the Disney Channel’s and Freeform on my desktop so I look for a solution I guess I’ll be using my phone or laptop computer.

This makes the second money-saving change to our bills that we have made since creating our budget for 2017. Once we pay off my loans and Keisa’s credit cards we should be rolling in dough!

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