We failed Jesse Wilson

We failed Jesse Wilson

My letter to murdered 10-year-old Jesse Wilson from Buckeye, Arizona

Dear, Jesse Wilson.

I know I never had the opportunity to meet you but I’ve read so much about you. I am so sorry your family and the system failed you. Although I suspected you had passed away back in July 2016 I am saddened to hear of your passing. Up until yesterday when police announced they found your body I prayed you miraculously would be found alive.

It’s been alleged you suffered severe and constant abuse and neglect at home and I’m sorry you had to endure that. Our system should have stepped in and helped you and your siblings escape that house of horrors. Unfortunately, the many reports of abuse and neglect were not acted upon.

You may find it comforting that your disappearance did help your siblings. When you disappeared Arizona child safety workers removed them from your home. Later they went to court and terminated your adoptive mom’s parental rights.

Your birth mother Carrissa Stuart is right. You are a “hero”, Jesse. Your disappearance and murder will expose the broken system that failed you. Because of you, many lives will be saved.

You were only 10 years old at the time of your passing and were just starting out in life. Yesterday police announced that your remains were found on March 8th. Your body was dumped in the field near State Route 85 and Broadway Road most likely by the coward who killed you.

I hope you at least receive a respectful and caring funeral. Also, that we catch and punish whoever cut short your promising life. That’s the least we can do for you after failing you in life.

I will do my best to keep your memory and murder in everyone’s mind. I hope we can force the Buckeye Police Department to keep your file active and catch your killer quickly.

Rest in peace you precious little child.

Lonnie Smalley

Information about Jesse Wilson’s disappearance from his home in Buckeye, Arizona

Jesse Wilson is believed to have disappeared on July 18, 2016, from his family home in Buckeye. I say believed to have disappeared because that’s when Jesse’s adoptive mom Crystal Wilson contacted the Buckeye police nonemergency line to say he was missing.  Police say they have not ruled anyone out as a suspect and Jesse’s mom is currently not in the state of Arizona.

Things I feel don’t add up in the Jesse Wilson murder investigation

  • If your child goes missing you would think a normal person would call 911 instead of a nonemergency phone number.
  • Crystal Wilson sounded really out of it when she reported Jesse’s disappearance to the police. Sounded like she was possibly on drugs.
  • The police were notified multiple times that the children were being physically abused.
  • All five children were neglected and often wandered around the neighborhood at all hours. Also, there were multiple occasions where they went to neighbors asking for food because their mom wasn’t around and they didn’t have any.
  • The children in that house tried to run away multiple times. That alone should tell you there was something seriously wrong in Jesse’s home.
  • Several parents came forward to say Jesse often stole food at school from other children. They claimed Jesse said he was hungry because he hadn’t eaten in days.
  • A large amount of evidence was collected from Crystal Wilson’s home and car not long after he went missing.
  • Just five days after reporting Jesse missing Crystal Wilson she gave Jesse’s dog away. He loved that dog and you would think a parent would want to keep it around if they had any hope for their child to return.
  • A reporter for Channel 12 news here in Phoenix named William Pitts claimed that Jesse’s mother did not want to release his photo to the police when she filed the police report.

How to help solve 10-year-old Jesse Wilson’s murder

If you have any information you can call Buckeye PD at 623-349-6411 (Click to call via mobile device) or [email protected].

Please keep Jesse Wilson’s tragic story alive so changes can be made to how abuse/neglect cases are treated and we catch his killer.

Thanks for reading!

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