Weight Loss and Exercise

Well, I ended up suffering some pretty bad pitfalls the last week and a half or so because of my arthritis and as always my depression. It’s time once again to pick myself up and refocus on trying to lose weight and get healthy once again.

This time I did some bartering with a personal trainer here in Phoenix (Benergy Fitness) and hopefully what I end up getting in return helps me to kick obesities butt once and for all. It’s just been so hard to stay focused with my diet and make myself go to the gym especially with all the swelling I’ve been having around my knees and ankles. I really hope the fact that the doctor raised my dosage of Meloxicam to 7.5 Mg twice a day now really helps me not be in so much pain.

Tomorrow is a new day on this journey and I think instead of hitting the gym I’ll just feel up  my hydration pack and head out for an early walk around Phoenix before it gets to hot. Who knows maybe I’ll even end up getting a tan while getting my daily exercise in.

My doctor has been trying to talk me into going into physical therapy since my insurance covers it for my health problems and I am giving myself just two more weeks to see results on the scale and in lessening my bodies pain or I’m seriously going to have to look into getting this done. It finally feels like I’m getting my life on track for really the very first time ever but we will see how the next two weeks go before I make any decisions as far as weight loss and adding a personal trainer goes.

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