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Are ghosts and spirit entities real? Photo of a ghost girl.


Paranormal discussion: My opinion on what a ghost or entity is.

As I said in an earlier blog post I’m going to start posting things that interest me other than mental illness. Today I will be discussing another interest of mine which is ghosts and the paranormal. A lot of people find this shocking since I did grow up in a ‘religious family’ who only believed in heaven and hell. I did share that belief for many years until I had my own personal experiences. I will be discussing those in detail later on.

I felt like writing this because sooner or later everyone is going to die. There is a lot of hokey beliefs about the spirit world. Modern-day TV charlatans and fake psychics are not helping the matter. My goal is to educate others about ghosts and other paranormal things. I want you to be able to decide on your own beliefs about death instead of accepting others.

If you’re still reading this you must actually want to learn about the paranormal world. I know ghosts are a hot topic because of the of all ghost hunting shows on television right now.  My least favorite show, by the way, is Ghost Adventures because of Zak Bagans (a.k.a. Spiky McDouche). He’s a trained actor and film school graduate who plays things up for the camera. I doubt he has actually had any real interactions with the spirit world. The majority of the TV stuff is completely fake and done for ratings. In the future, I will be covering a lot of paranormal stuff so stay tuned and let me know what you think.

What is a ghost?

Since my paranormal posts will be talking a lot about ghosts I will share my definition of a ‘ghost’.  The dictionary defines a ghost as:

‘a disembodied soul, especially the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness’.

This seems logical but isn’t helpful. I happen to believe there are more than 200 types of entities. These entities manifest themselves in many different ways. You might say a ghost is our personality somehow staying around after death. Some people refer to this ‘personality’ as our spirit, soul, or even consciousness.

A word of warning:

Please don’t confuse this with other beings like demons, poltergeists, or original entities. Those are a different subject and I will explain them later.

Are ghosts aware of the realm of the living?

So many people ask about seeing ghosts and apparitions. We never ask ourselves if they can see and interact with us. The simple answer is yes and no. It depends on what type of spirit or supernatural being you are referring to. Some spirits of the departed can communicate and in real time with us. This is why we have so many ghost hunting shows on television.

Most of the spirit world is reflections; echoes in time or energy patterns left behind.  Usually, someone wasn’t ready to move on so a nonconscious part of them stayed behind. While these “hauntings” are interesting I’m not going to discuss them much. I know very little about them and don’t want to give out any misinformation.

Echoes in time though are why alleged hauntings seem to fade away over time. Reports of ghosts passing away in the last century or two are common. But when was the last time you heard of a haunting from a ghost that was around a few thousand years ago? Echoes in time are actually a very rare and fascinating phenomenon. Usually, these occur in areas with energized quartz or salt content.

Ghosts Communicating With the Living

Are we able to communicate with ghosts entities and shadow peopleGhosts communicating with the living is rare, but it does happen. There are people who are born with a certain gift allowing them to interact with ghosts. These gifts can be that of sense, hearing and even seeing entities from the spirit world.

Usually, these manifestations appear in human form, but sometimes as a vapor or even an animal. Very few people are able to interact with these spirits so the ghosts assume nobody can and don’t even try. I do find it somewhat comforting to know there is a chance to communicate with the world of the living after death.

Like I said earlier I will be discussing the paranormal in more detail in the coming months/years. Please don’t think I’m crazy. This information comes from a lot of research and personal experiences.

Upcoming paranormal blog posts will cover: 

  • Personal beliefs and experiences.
  • Common beliefs and accepted ghost and paranormal experiences of others.
  • Ghost hunting. Different methods as well as the do’s and don’ts.
  • Paranormal and ghosts in the media. Primarily television and movies.
  • Exposing fake information and charlatans.
  • Haunted locations and the history behind them.
  • Quick Disclaimer about ‘haunted locations’:

If you do visit any of these places, please contact the site owner. I wouldn’t want you to trespass on private property and get in trouble.

If you hated or enjoyed this please let me know in the comments section below or via any of my social media channels. Also, if you have a story you would like to share please contact me via my email at [email protected] Have a great day and I will talk about more ghost, spirit and paranormal stuff soon.


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