What is Your Nineveh

Let me ask you a question, have you ever turned away from something God asked you to do because you didn’t want to do it? If so then you’ve got a lot in common with the Old Testament prophet Jonah. I’m sure you know the story but just in case you don’t here’s a refresher:

  1. A man in a tunic is told by God to do something.
  2. He doesn’t like what God wants them to do.
  3. The man runs in the other direction. Literally.
  4. Man gets on a ship and gets tossed overboard during a storm.
  5. Get swallowed by a big fish.
  6. He asked God for forgiveness.
  7. God tells him for second time what to do and he does it.
  8. Man gets upset because God shows compassion to people he doesn’t believe are deserving.
  9. Man gets rebuked, and God gets the last word.

Jonah was running from Nineveh an enemy of Israel and a city so wicked that they often cut off the hands and feet of their captives just to intimidate other cities.

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that most of us would have fell as Jonah did about ministering to the Ninevites. After all what reason did he have to believe that these people would listen to him and repent and not just tell him on the spot for being an enemy of their city.

However God had a plan and wanted to teach Jonah to preach in reach out to others much like how God reaches out to all of us. We are all undeserving of his love and favor but mercifully God forgives us. Jonah didn’t want to see this or maybe couldn’t see this so he ran.

Perhaps right now you’re running as well. You try get as far away from your Nineveh (that thing God wants you to do that scares you).

It’s time to stop running. I know how you feel, I have run away from so many things in my life. I finally reached that point in my life where I’m like “Yes, Lord” when he tells me what to do.

Until recently I had a giant Nineveh in my life. I was scared to take action and do what God was telling me to. As a result I have spent years in depression and filled with frustration and regrets. Not anymore. I’m starting to take steps to fulfill my calling and this website will be one of the many tools at my disposal.

I don’t know why I put it off. Maybe, I was afraid of what others would think or perhaps its vastness made it seem impossible. I think it’s seeming impossible may have been the most important point of it. What seems impossible to me is exactly what God wants me to do. So eventually I will have the faith to realize that all things are possible through God and as grow in faith I will draw closer to him he will draw closer to me.

Instead of running from my Nineveh, I’m running towards God which is why I have enrolled in seminary. I may not be much of a public speaker but perhaps as I grow I can use the Internet to spread the word of God to places most voices cannot reach.

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