What the heck is Mechanically Separated Chicken

What the heck is Mechanically Separated Chicken



This is what’s in your chicken nuggets

A lot of folks eat  Chicken McNuggets each and every day, however I’m pretty certain most people are not aware of one of it’s main ingredients. Mechanically separated chicken, this is listed among the ingredients that are in a McNugget in addition to being in most of fast food meat. So, what precisely is mechanically separated chicken. A lot of folks have never even heard of this ingredient not to mention have any idea what it is. I know that I had never heard of it until I chanced upon the ingredient list on a slim Jim package and then researched what it was.

This ingredient can also occasionally be referred to as mechanically recovered chicken, either way it is strange and is very gross. This ingredient can be created by forcing a paste like meat products through a high pressured machine which separates the bone from the meat. In that process the entire chicken essentially gets mushed and pushed through these machines.

Here are the freaky and grossest part. The paste like meat product called mechanically separated chicken, has thousands of pieces of bacteria, so it’s soaked in ammonia. Then because it’s now one of the worst tasting things in the world it mustthen be re-flavored artificially. The final step in making this edible is coloring this paste from its original color pink to color that resembles meat.

So the next time your craving some chicken nuggets think about how they are made and who knows maybe that diet your will get easier to stick to.














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  1. lonnie, this is absoluty the most disgusting thing i have ever heard. thanks for the heads up on it.

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