What you need to know about Arizona’s 2018 Proposition 126

What you need to know about Arizona’s 2018 Proposition 126

Why you should vote no on Arizona 2018 proposition 126 and the potential tax rate increase in the state of Arizona

Lawmakers and political parties usually a chance to make various propositions difficult to decipher so I decided to take matters into my own hand and start covering various Arizona upcoming voter propositions. Today we will be covering Arizona proposition 126, prohibit new or increased taxes on services initiative. This is just a guide and not something that should tell you how to vote I simply want to break down exactly what each of the 2018 Arizona various propositions means and how they will affect you as an Arizona resident. Please take a look so that you can be more informed and vote however you feel is necessary.

Arizona Proposition 126, Prohibit New or Increased Taxes on Services Initiative

Pretty much if you decide to vote “yes” on Arizona proposition 126 you support a state constitutional amendment that will prohibit the state and local governments from enacting new taxes are even increasing the tax rate on services the state of Arizona is performing.

If you happened about “No” then you oppose this Arizona State Constitution amendment, which will limit the power of state and local governments to enact tax raises on services in the future without voter approval.

What exactly would a yes vote on Arizona proposition 127 mean?

If you decide to vote yes on proposition 127 you support an Arizona State constitutional amendment that would prohibit the state and local governments from enacting and enforcing new tax rates on services performed across the entire state of Arizona.

What happens if you decide to vote no?

If you happen the vote no on this initiative and oppose this constitutional amendment you are not allowing states and local municipalities to enact new taxes and enact whatever tax rates they deem necessary amongst their local government. For example, this would prevent the city of Phoenix enacting a food tax of 20% or more for people other than those on food stamps when you decide to purchase food and this tax doesn’t even provide a required place for these taxes to go allowing them to decide how to waste your money.

People who are probably going to vote yes: Currently the state’s sales taxes only apply only apply for things to purchase within various cities. This stupid initiative would amend the state constitution to tax not only actual items but services themselves. The main backers behind this heavily funded initiative happen to be the Arizona Realtors Association who would greatly benefit from a tax that allows real estate agents to make money whether or not they sell your home.

Who is probably voting No: There is a bipartisan coalition of organizations which happen to oppose this ballot initiative. Opponents of this proposition claim that this permanent and unchangeable policy will actually lead to a lot of higher taxes, and stifle our ability to fund vital services like education and law enforcement. With any of our raised tax funds. Both major candidates running for Arizona Governor happened to oppose this proposition and think a constitutional ban on taxing services is not a good idea.

I personally encourage you to seek out Arizona proposition 126 in layman’s terms so that you can move past all of the legal mumbo-jumbo and decide for yourself exactly how Arizona Proposition 126 will affect the future of all the residents in Arizona.

Please let me know whether you’re for or against this proposition and the comments section below.

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