“What’s your but?” Campaign by REI is amazing

“What’s your but?” Campaign by REI is amazing


Usually, I don’t praise advertisements and things of that nature but I have to give kudos to REI for their most recent campaign. It’s called ‘WHAT’S YOUR BUT?’ and encourages everyone to share why they can’t go outside and REI will attempt to help solve that person’s but.

They’ve put posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which have gotten huge responses. Most of the users appear to be having fun with it and REI has been able to respond back with some helpful, creative, witty and just plain old fun comments.

You can enter by responding to one of their tweets, Instagram posts via their Facebook posts about the contest. Here is a link to one of their Facebook posts.

While the grand prize winner and second place winner have already been selected there are still many great prizes to be had. The promotion ends at 11:59:59 (PT) on January 23, 2018, so be sure to get your but in before then. Also, all the rules and stuff can be found here.

Hopefully, this contest does more than just give people prizes but inspires them to spend some time outdoors. Everybody needs fresh air and a little playtime to battle every day stresses we have in life. I know that it is uncomfortable for me to face the outdoors BUT this contest has made me want to give it a try. See you outside!


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  1. The way they tried to answer everyone on their social channels was amazing. REI’s social media team provided helpful, smart and even funny responses. Best marketing campaign of the year in my opinion. Great job REI this marking campaign even got me to join the co-op.

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