Whitney Houston’s Funeral

I get it Whitney Houston was a celebrity, a talented singer and had an amazing song called "I will always Love You". Even though she had all that going for her she still died and many people's eyes died a victim of her demons. She was troubled now down in fact her drug abuse is well documented in fact if you don't believe me just type in her name with drugs into Google and see what comes up. Sure it's a tragedy when anyone dies I know this firsthand because I'm still dealing with a lot of loss in my life but I don't understand all this television and Internet coverage of it.

Far more important people have passed away and gotten maybe just at most a slight mention on the 10 o'clock news. Every day it seems like a US soldier is killed in action fighting for our country and yet we still seem obsessed about a lady who let's face it was a drug addict and squandered a gift instead of caring about that young man or woman who just gave their life in Afghanistan or Iraq. This world is messed up is kind of funny but what pops into my head right now is a scene from the very first Harry Potter movie when Hermione Granger is more worried about being expelled from school instead of dying and Ron comments "she really needs to sort out her priorities" that's really how I feel about America right now we need to sort out our priorities and stop making people who break the law and practically just kill themselves are role models.

I know I seem heartless but how many people in the 90s probably said "oh, Whitney Houston does drugs and she's okay so why can't I just give it a try". We need to stop idolizing the bad people like drug users, child molesters, woman beaters ( Chris Brown) and any other law breakers out there and find someone else to look to as a role model. Or better yet stop having role models were not named Jesus and just live your life correctly and quit acting a fool people. Sorry for the rant just getting really sick and tired of how screwed up the average American is.

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