Why Did They Have To Bring The Snapback Hat Back




You might not have noticed but snapback hats have returned (as well as most of the stuff I hated about the 80s) and it is beginning to look like fitted hats may become a thing of the past. For those non-hat wearers are just people who only wear those free hats they get when filling out a credit card offer, snapback hats aren’t really anything new in fact they been around refusing to die for almost 30 years.

It’s not that the new snapback hats aren’t attractive they always just have this cheap feel to me and I just feel silly laying out 20 or 30 bucks for a new Phoenix Suns hat if it’s a snapback and not a fitted hat. Then again my head is enormous which is to say most of my fitted hats are 7 ¾ or 8 so most of the snapback hats either just don’t fit my head or I’m like right there at the final two holes so it feels pretty funny not to mention looks weird whenever I wear one.

I understand that fashions come and go and then come back again but why they have to go and mess with hats? I guess now I have another reason to hate Chris Brown because he and Tyga seem to believe they are responsible for bringing back the snapback they even went as far as making a song called “The Snapback Back”.

I just hope a few of the hat companies out there keep making the fitted hats because part of me feels like an old man if I wear a snapback.

I might have to go ahead and stock up on some fitted hats until somebody out there kills off the snackback. I can only hope that maybe the new hip snapback hats catch on with old people and the less desirables when it comes to fashion so that I can get my fitted hats back.

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