Why I am trying Tiny Buddha’s 365 Love Challenges

Why I am trying Tiny Buddha’s 365 Love Challenges

My copy of Tiny Buddha's 365 Love Challenges from goodwill Arizona
Written by the founder of Tiny Buddha Lori Deschene

Why I decided to try the Tiny Buddha’s challenges

I came across Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges by Lori Deschene and my local Goodwill. It looked brand-new and was only $1.50, so I decided to purchase it. I don’t associate myself with any religion, but for some reason, I felt this book would inspire me and help keep my depression away.

As you know, I’ve been on the journey to figure out who I am and my purpose. I talked to a lot of people on social media but other them my wife I don’t have any fulfilling relationships. Perhaps it’s because deep down I don’t think I’m worthy of having real-life friends. My hope is if I follow all these challenges I might improve myself and let go of all my insecurities and relax around people. Who knows I might make an actual friend by the time I finish these tiny love challenges.

Even though you’re supposed to do things on the specific date, I decided to start with the challenge for January 1st and go from there so I would not skip any of the challenges.

January’s theme is kindness and thoughtfulness which I knew would force me to put myself out there and talk to people. I was sure by doing these challenges I was going to need to take some of my diazepams to deal with the anxiety human interaction usually causes.

Today’s challenge: Help a stranger in need

When I read this, I actually said “Crap! I already have to talk to someone!” I can have online conversations and sometimes even help people over the Internet, but I promised myself I would only do these challenges in real life situations unless the book stipulated otherwise. I spent over an hour brainstorming of something I might be able to do but came up with nothing.

Then it happened! It was almost like a mysterious force intervened and gave me the perfect opportunity to complete challenge number one. I was traveling down the freeway and happened upon a lady broken down far away from the next off ramp.  Something about her situation made me stop. 

She looked overwhelmed and scared because she had no idea why her car stopped moving and would it start. Initially, I was going to offer her a ride, but I was able to figure out what was wrong pretty quickly and came up with a temporary fix. We got her car started and to be safe I followed her to her house which was about 3 miles away from the spot she broke down.

She thanked me again for helping her get home and promised to have her husband take the car to a mechanic before she would even try to drive it again. For a few moments I got that warm feeling inside of me because I had my first positive interaction with the stranger in quite a while. She did offer me money for helping her but I refused it and just told her she should pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. She promised she would and waved as I drove away. While this wasn’t the easiest interaction I’ve ever had it was quite satisfying since I rarely talk to any adults in person anymore other than my wife.

Deep down I know that these challenges are going to help me get my life back on track and maybe even become a better treatment for my depression than my medication has been. I highly recommend this book and encourage anyone who wants to better understand themselves and create positive relationships to take the time to check it out.

I might talk more about some of these challenges in the future, but for now, I will dwell on the fact I was able to complete the first one.

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