Why memory issues have changed my life

Why memory issues have changed my life

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there with mental health issues which have progressed far enough to began affecting the ability to remember things. I feel like an idiot for forgetting the simplest tasks and have had to turn back to using my daily planner to get things done. Experiencing a failing brain is pretty scary.

Could it be my bipolar disorder medication?

I recently contacted my psychiatrist and primary care physician for help. I learned I do have nearly all the signs of early-onset dementia, but I still need to do some tests to determine if what is wrong with my mind. Deep down I am hoping it’s something caused by some of my mental health medication specifically the Wellbutrin I’ve been taking since I am taking over the recommended highest dosage.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my issues are medication related. Maybe it’s stress, anxiety, or even depression. I am hoping it isn’t dementia because I’m not prepared to face a disease like that. Before we can do any actual testing, I need to get my diabetes back under control. There is a slim chance the fact that my high blood glucose levels can cause the problems going on in my brain.

Everyday tasks have become impossible. I am forgetful to the point where I can’t even finish a complete sentence. Basic self-care such as eating, taking showers, or remembering to take my medication has become nearly impossible. It might be time for me to consider applying for Social Security disability because the way I am right now work is becoming impossible.

It’s taken me nearly a week just to put out this terrible blog post. Have you ever experienced memory issues like the ones I’ve described? If you have are there any methods to make things easier? Please let me know in the comments section below because I don’t think I can continue like this.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my mental health issues and my daily life. I appreciate it.

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