Wil Wheaton pathetically tries to join new Star Trek series

Wil Wheaton pathetically tries to join new Star Trek series

Wil Wheaton who played Wesley Crusher is seemingly trying to weasel his way into the upcoming CBS All Access Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek series featuring Sir Patrick Stewart.

Where is Wil Wheaton now?

If you don’t remember Wesley, it’s because he was kind of an annoying character played very flatly by an inexperienced teenage actor. These days Wheaton slings autograph signings for Comicon events, pushing crappy boardgames on YouTube, and is often called pretty big jerk on social media.

Shut up Wesley!

At the Baltimore Comic Con Wil Wheaton did geek out about Patrick Stewart’s new version of Star Trek. It makes sense because many fans have wanted a new show since the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some comments seemed genuine like those of a fan of the sci-fi genre and Sir Patrick Stewart himself.

As of yet, none of the original Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members have been contacted about appearing in the new version. In my opinion, though some of the questions Wheaton answered seemed like setups.  For example, when he was asked if he was ready to return to the role of Wesley it seemed like he was covertly begging for a job.

I think it is very unlikely they will ask me to participate in it. I think it is extraordinarily unlikely that will happen. If they did, I would say “yes,” of course. I think all of us would say “yes.” All of us, if we were given the opportunity to put on the spacesuits again and go work together and bring those characters back, as they would be thirty years later, we would all say “yes.”

Wil Wheaton 

I doubt the return of Wesley Crusher even makes sense in the new show. Can anyone picture his character still being part of Starfleet in the year 2399? We did find that out in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis that Wesley did return to Starfleet. Crusher seemed a bit dense so I can’t see him surviving his first few years on his assigned ship. The only way he makes the show is if they are going to keep playing up the angle of the death of Wesley’s father, Jack Crusher. If you remember, Jack died on the USS Stargazer which Jean Luc-Picard happen to be in command of at the time.

There are plenty of other characters they could bring back who I believe the fan base would rather see than Wesley. Probably just for a brief guest appearance or random cameo. 

If Wil does return to the show, I hope at least Captain Jean Luc-Picard gets to say Shut up Wesley a few more times. Heck, since Wesley’s older now it would be nice to hear Picard say “Shut the fuck up Wesley!

Even though I do like all the different incarnations of Star Trek if Wil Wheaton somehow joins the cast this is one series I definitely will skip.

Please leave your thoughts and opinions about the new show or even anything Star Trek related below.

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