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Probably the best thing about my job is it allows me to work from home and thus negating the effects of my social anxiety. All my work is done via the Internet and the only communication I have with other coworkers and management is via Google hangouts. Before getting this job, I was pretty much going to go on disability because of my bipolar and social anxiety. Luckily right around the time my mother passed away my friend Jason mentioned that this company was looking for temporary workers for short-term┬ámoderation project and that ended up becoming an actual job offer. I’ve been here for almost three years and it feels like I am part of a family.


I love my job because it lets me help others and it is for the most part stress-free. I understand not everybody can work from home but I can and I get to stay home with my wife and children every day. It’s amazing and maybe if you’re suffering from the same issues a stay at home job may work for you.

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