WWE champion Roman Reigns has leukemia

WWE champion Roman Reigns has leukemia

WWE Monday Night Raw has had many shocking moments. From the risky stunts, they pulled during the attitude era and non-PG content they use to show.

However, tonight there was some shocking news and it wasn’t something any wrestling fan wanted to hear. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns announced that he had been battling leukemia for 11 years and his cancer has returned. He relinquished his title and shocked everyone who happened to view this segment.

While many hard-core wrestling fans didn’t like the fact that Reigns has gotten so many pushes in his career because of Vince McMahon thought he exhibited the bodily features of what a WWE champion should look like. I’m pretty sure even these coldhearted fans are now rooting that Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i can make his cancer tap out.

Anoa’i was 22 when he received his leukemia diagnosis. He at least temporarily defeated his cancer and began wrestling with the WWE two years later. A press release from WWE says Anoa’i decided to make this public announcement “in an effort to raise awareness in order to advance cures for the disease.”

I feel bad for Mr. Anoa’i a.k.a. Roman Reigns and I hope that he is able to make a full recovery. However, the WWE is known for faking many things for news attention. If this happens to be fake news I think I will be done with professional wrestling forever.

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